Charles Singletary

Charles Singletary

Freelance Journalist & Author

I'm a writer and podcast host with a passion for the independent. Freelance reporter for UploadVR, regular Unwinnable contributor, and you may catch me on other publications from time to time.

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Algpboardbio article

ALGP Board Members

I was hired to write the biographies for A Looking Glass Project, an organization promoting a sense of onus for students through travel and photography.

Guardian article

How Vinyl and Indie Gaming Came Together in an Orgy of Analog-Digital Awesomeness

Indie video games and vinyl have both locked in niche corners of their market. Why are they being brought together?

Vie article

Block by Block: Gaming's Contemporary Art - VIE Magazine

A different perspective on the video games vs art discussion focused on voxelart by Sir Carma

Zehm article

Meet the Developer Who Made Games for Three Years While Living ...

Would you live on the streets for three years in order to pursue your passion?

Zam article

Star Wars: Battlefront Review - Beautiful and Incomplete Package | ZAM

Revive a darling gaming franchise long stuck in purgatory? Do so while prefacing the return of the most loved science fiction universe in history, upon which said game is based? No pressure, right?

Health article

Mental Health, Gaming and Our Human Heroes — CharlesWritesThings — Medium

What does it mean to be human? One’s flaws? Ambitions? Emotions? Is it human to feel? Think? Be compassionate? To be empathetic? Does lacking any or all of those make one inhuman?

Open uri20161127 23247 1kokoa9 article

Shadow Warrior 2 Review – Wreak Havoc With Wang

Lo Wang is the comical protagonist of what could be the best fps/action game of the year in Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior 2....

Coins2continue article

Coins 2 Continue // Gaming Podcast

This is the feed for the gaming podcast I host with two other incredible human beings. We've had guests from voice actors to devs to game journalists.

Rift article

Oculus Rift is Grossly Underpriced | Unwinnable

With the Oculus Rift, I believe the price tag is incredibly low considering the potential of the tech.


The Fresh Ingredients of Furi | Unwinnable

The Game Bakers are putting together quite the dish in their new and stylish brawler, Furi | Unwinnable


EVE Online and Gamer Historians | Unwinnable

Are we on the verge of chronicling whole fictional, player run universes? This writer is on top of it with EVE Online. | Unwinnable

Firewatch 4 article

11 Games That Could Define This Gaming Generation

This list focuses on titles that might emerge from the crowds to define this generation and shape gaming’s future.

Thevoidvr article


Sci-fi games and film have for decades been inspired by the prospect of real virtual and augmented reality, using special effects to take the tech beyond its real life limitations. And now the reality is finally catching up.

Uncharted 4  a thief%e2%80%99s end%e2%84%a2 20160527105640 article

Wait…this is the last one? // Uncharted 4 Campaign Review — CharlesWritesThings — Medium

The Uncharted 4 series comes to an unsatisfying conclusion.

Trash article

ESPN Analyst's Rage Supports Esports Growth

A close look at the pattern of raging from a previous ESPN analyst reveals significant growth in eSports.